Dan Biferie


The images presented on this site include several ongoing series of photographs taken over the past forty-five years. Family Portraits is an informal body of work consisting of digitally manipulated photographs of my wife and three sons. Photographed between 1995 – 2009 and created for artistic purposes rather than as a record of our daily lives; these pictures are dreamlike and theatrical.

Churchscapes, derived from my earlier documentary photographs taken between 1971 – 2014, displays landscapes and vernacular church architecture. A Few People is a collection of environmental portraits which were taken from 1971 – 2010.

Lake Woodruff  is series in December 2009 and I have taken over 30,000 photographs since then.  Although there are many magnificent sights at Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, it is the subtle elements that attract me: vines, palms and trees that change every day as their growth emerges from decay; and light that illuminates and defines my subjects' underlying abstract qualities.


Forty-Five Years in Photography

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